Welcome to Astrid Dahl

Astrid’s work is filled with poetry, myth, and perspective dualities. She  explores different ways of  interpreting her life through landscape.

Astrid started her art career in Australia after migrating from Thailand and Singapore at the age of ten. She inherited a part Asian background from her half Thai mother. Her work reflects the many cultures that she has been exposed to during a life time of travel.

"I dont paint what I see, I paint what I remember and what I feel about that memory" A.Dahl

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Astrid Dahl’s Recent Works

  • The Prettiest in the Pond 122x122cm Astrid Dahl Studio Gallery (Singapore)
    The Prettiest in the Pond 122x122cm
  • Flutter of a Wing - 50x45cm Astrid Dahl Studio Gallery (Singapore)
    Flutter of a Wing - 50x45cm
  • Floating Landscape - 80x150cm Astrid Dahl Studio Gallery (Singapore)
    Floating Landscape - 80x150cm